Sunday, March 29, 2015

T1 Writing

We are learning to...
·      write a personal recount about something we have done or experienced
·      have an opening statement that tells who, what and when
·      write the events in the order they happened

·      have a conclusion or personal response

Constable Ross

One day Constable Ross came into Room 3 and he taught us about keeping ourselves safe. And we even talked about parts of our body. I had fun and we got to play a game called Freeze. The first action was to introduce yourself to the nearest person and my first partner was Niamh, the second time, Anna-Bella was my partner. The second action was to cross hands and go and sit on the mat and let our hands go. Then we played another game called Guess My Body Parts. We had to guess and it took a long time. I felt happy because we got to play lots of new games.

Teacher comment:
You have a good beginning, middle and end. 
Next steps:
Try to add a little more detail to create a picture in the mind of the reader.

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